Arjunan Saakshi is turning out to be a losing fare

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ArjunanSakshi PosterArjunan Saakshi directed by Ranjith Sankar had bombed at the Kerala box office. There were a lot of expectations with Arjunan Saakshi, as Ranjith Sankar’s previous movie Passenger was not only a critical and commercial success but is also considered as a path breaking film. But, it looks like Arjunan Saakshi couldnot liveup to its expectations and had crashed very badly in its second week.

The movie received positive response from the critics, but the paying public thought the other way. The movie took an above average opening got mixed response from the audience and so the collections remained in the lower side. The film is holding in the cinema halls as there is no major release this week. The only release of this week is Kavya’s offbeat movie Gaddamma directed by veteran Kamal.

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