Bhima to sponser Rathichechi's Aranjanam (Waist Chain)

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Bhima had sponsered 25 sovereign of gold aranjanam (waist chain) to the character Rathichechi by Swetha. The character Rathichechi had spoted the most prominent place in the media makes them to sponser this rare design as before the shooting schedule .The prominence of the character in this film makes Bhima group  to make such a venture.

The portrait of this particular character who wears this dazzling waist chain was one of the most exciting scenes in the old version of this film. The other character pappu, who makes a hug with this amazing woman in his dream is portrait as with the same intense feeling in the new version. PAPPU the character makes his rebirth with Sreejith the co star in Fazil’s LIVING TOGETHER  .

Bhima sponsored all the jewellery for the character Rathichechi, especially the waist chain. They claim the said design is a 35 years old one, and will create a new fashion trend in the jewel world.

Report says that Padmarajan’s novel Rathinirvedam is portraying without any change. Swetha Menon give breath and life to the character Rathichechi through  this film. We hope that she will give full justice and life to this character as Jayabharathi in the old version.

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  1. hope this movie makes a good mark :)

    April 9, 2011 at 10:54 pm

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