DRACULA – Vinayan To Scare Again

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After a horrifying experience for the audience in the form of RAGHUVINTE SWANTHAM RAZIYA, Vinayan is preparing to scare the audience with his next expedition in the form another hit named DRACULA.

Like the case of YAKSHIYUM NJANUM, this time also he claims that RAGHUVINTHE SWANTHA RRASIYA is a profitable venture. He reports that the movie had acquired 1.5 crore as satellite right and the other initial collections can be as profit for this venture.

He had same opinion as before in the case of YAKSHIYUM NJANUM. But later after two weeks the producer Ruben Gomez came against director. More over Ruben find the reason for the loss of budget with vinayan for not having the venture in the proposed initial budget.

Vinayan had started the pre-production work of his next venture DRACULA.

So, get ready to get scared.

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One Response to DRACULA – Vinayan To Scare Again

  1. Even without a horror film Dracula, The Director used to scare the audience and the producer ;)

    posted by Malayala Cinema Niroopanam [www.mollywoodniroopanam.blogspot.com]

    June 10, 2011 at 3:11 pm

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