Makeup Man Ends Theater Run – Collects 6.5 Crore

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Makeup Man, ends its theatre run with a distributor share of around 2.74 Crore (27.4 Million). Made with a budget of Rs 2.5 Crore (25 Million) and another 30 lakhs in print and publicity, the film was able to break even from the theatre run in the release centres alone.

Makeup Man was released on February 10 in 70 centres across Kerala. It had its maximum run at Thiruvananthapuram and Attingal where it ran for 78 days (11 weeks). From Thiruvananthapuram the film collected around 50 Lakhs.

At the end of its theatrical run on 29 April 2011, 11 weeks after its release, it had grossed around Rs 6.5 Crore (65 Million), with a distributors share of Rs 2.74 Crore (27.4 Million).

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