Oru Indian Pranaya Katha Malayalam Movie Review

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Title: Oru Indian Pranaya Katha

Director: Sathyan Anthikaad

Cast: Fahad Fasil, Amala Paul, Innocent.

Music: Vidyasagar

Review by: Princy Berlin


Oru Indian Pranaya Katha is a thorough entertainer. There was a time when no matter how many movies released during a particular year; one Sathyan Anthikaad film could weave real magic with an endearing story line, perfect characterization and good humor. He was panned by the critics and audience for the lack of this magic in his last few films. And unfortunately even this time, his new film will meet the same fate.

Oru Indian Pranaya Katha takes a great start in the beginning that makes you expect even greater fun in the second half. The first half is so interesting and in line with all those promos that must have watched on YouTube even before the film released. But from the second half the movie goes out of sync completely with its initial half.


Ayamanam Sidharthan (Fahad Fasil), is an upcoming politician and member of the youth wing of a political party. Irene (Amala Paul) comes from Canada to make a documentary. That is when Sidharthan and Irene meet and in order to make some quick money Sidharthan decides to join Irene in helping her make the documentary. But the motive behind Irene’s visit is some other reason. What her reasons are and what happens later forms the crux of the story. The movie goes really haywire in the second half. And may be it was to make the film lengthy that a few extra and unwarranted songs were added. However the song Omanathamara is good. The climax is definitely not up to the expectations especially because it is a Sathyan Anthikaad film. A lot more is always expected from this great director.

There is message for all political fanatics in this film that is a saving grace.

Fahad Fasil is a truly great talent with his perfect mannerisms and involvement in the character. Amala Paul has played Irene well to the best of her abilities but she must work on her expressions. Innocent has made a great comeback after his illness but the innocent magic is missing and may be it is because he has done this film for his great friend Sathyan Anthikaad.

Pradeep Nair has pictured the film well especially the way he has captured the scenic beauty of Rajasthan deserves a great applause. The first half of the movie has good humor included but the second half that is full of often used ideas in a Malayalam film makes the film a disappointment. Iqbal Kuttipuram could have delivered a far better fetching story given his great story telling skills.

Overall Oru Indian Pranaya Katha is good to watch especially with your family. It is a predictable film. Make your decision if it is a good watch or not only after you finish watching the second half.

Stars: 2.5/4

2 Responses to Oru Indian Pranaya Katha Malayalam Movie Review

  1. just one time watch

    December 28, 2013 at 10:55 am

  2. Movie for the generation “Kerala Today”
    coming soon

    December 28, 2013 at 4:19 pm

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